Aetherium is the product of the Aetherium Project that the Sisterhood of Merchants undertook in the fifth era. Aetherium is a city in the sky. (In real life, it can be compared to a tutor-styled version of Colubia with more stempunk stuff [the banner above is what it looks like].) This city is the largest in the world and the most wealthy.


The Aetherium Project and the Sisterhood

The Sisterhood of Merchants is the conglomerate of merchant city-states that promote free trade and overall gain of wealth. A few optimistic and entrepreneurial minds came up with the idea to build an airship refueling station in the air far from land to make intercontinental airship travel possible. After much convincing, the remaining members of the Sisterhood agreed that this new project (dubbed the Aetherium Project) was a good idea. Over the next few years, the original five docks were built and balloons were attached. This is where Aetherium came from.

The Refueling Depot

Aetherium was no larger than a village with only water storage and maintenance facilities. At this point in history, Airshiping was still new and not heavily used. This ended when the Rhune Empire and the Shuul Federation began manufacturing large amounts of airships for economic expansion. With this new influx of traffic, the five docks weren’t enough so the Sisterhood began building more docks. The village soon turned into a hamlet as many people moved there to find work on the docks.

Early Aetherium

As more people found work in this promised-land, the small hamlet became a city. This early city was still in control of the Sisterhood but this soon changed. The people of Aetherium wanted sovereignty from the foreign powers. Rioting soon broke out. To save the airshipping business, the Sisterhood created the Aetherium council (which consists of three representatives from each member of the sisterhood including Aetherium) and made the city the capital of the organization. This new exchange of power pleased both sides of the issue.

The Trading Hub

Everyone knows that Aetherium today is the largest trading hub in the world but no one really knows how it got that way. During its time as a refueling station, airshipmen became lazy and started trading at the fuel station. When the Empire and the Federation joined in the shipping game, this underground trading erupted into markets in the streets. When the airshipping age came into full swing, Aetherium boasted the largest markets in the world.

Aetherium Today

These large markets attracted businesses of all sorts and with them came cultures from around the world. Today, Aetherium has the largest diversity of any nation. With diversity comes music, food, and other arts. From its original size, Aetherium grew twenty times as large and houses one million citizens and hundreds of thousands of visitors per month.

What to know when Visiting Aetherium

The Aetherium Council

The council meets once a week to discuss foreign and domestic matters. If one wants to appeal to the council to back a particular faction in times of turmoil, this would be the time to do so. The council also handles criminal trials.

Council Members:

Aetherium Representatives:

Ianus Fidus Cremus
Fidelus Mitus Remanus
Crasa Letna Rensa

Rhalan Representatives:

Orgran the Wise
Oakenthird Haksal
Thorogood Hammerfeld

Ubershaft Representatives:

Guran Longbeard
Jurgan of the Depths
Malek Iron-Eye

Treja Representatives:


Triple Point:

Macabees Rolof
Leucis Triple-Horn
Carric the Eager

Cape of the Ashen Representatives:

Iris the Benevolent
Ash Razorclaw
Aukan Eight-Foot

The Police Force

Aetherium has one of the best policing forces in Shuuvan. If your pocket gets picked, head to the nearest police station for asistence.


Aetherium’s culture blend as fueled a boom of Bars, Dance Clubs, and Formal Resturants with any meal one can think of. Unfortunately, a radical political group has outlawed gambling and no official casinos exist. Music is a major industry and many istruments are played here that the world hasn’t even seen. Feel free to explore.

The Under

The Under is the ghetto of Aetherium, this is where the poor live. It is best to ignore these areas and stay away. As the name suggests, the Under is underneath the city and has several entrances scattered throughout.


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