Of Mechs and Airships
Yes, it’s a reference to Of Mice and Men but I don’t care. This is a steampunk campaign created under lots of imagination (because dungeons and dragons). The Game Master (aka: me) allows almost anything that comes to mind. This campaign takes the player to the world of Shuuvan, a world soaked with history, culture, etc. but is on the brink of all out war. Players will enjoy a sandbox-type of gameplay where it’s their choice the whole way through. New weapons can be created by players using pretty much whatever they want.

Enjoy the world the way it was meant to be, in your hands. HAVE FUN!!

For those who aren’t playing yet and want to join up:
Contact me via obsidian portal and I can get you set up.

If your here to gawk at this masterpiece:
Gawk to your heart’s content!

Of Mechs and Airships

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