Time is kept in Eras which are separated by world changing events that happen in the year the new era is created. Each year consists of 5 seasons made of 4 months made of 25 days.

Now time for what you came for:
Era 1: The Tribal Era

  • This era is mostly noted for being not documented because (as the name suggests) the world is mostly tribals.
  • The only exceptions are the Dwarven Kingdoms whose vast history is unknown to the world

Era 2: The Start of Civilization

  • The tribals start convening and forming small cities that grew fairly fast.
  • The origins of the Rhune Empire can be traced to this period.
  • 2E20: Dwarven explorers were sent from the region of Montentum and discovered Ruun leading to a large colonization effort.
  • 2E85: Large changes in weather along with lack of financial support causes the Dwarven Colonies to become isolated from the kingdoms back home

Era 3:

  • The States that will eventually make the Shuul Federation exist as separate nations
  • The Rhune Empire officially forms in 3E2 from several battle tribes in an area that will eventually be Arkhan
  • 3E50: The still young Rhune Empire begins the ambitious conquest of Ruun
  • 3E100: The Shuul States begin a bloody war over land disputes

Era 4:

  • 4E1: The Rhune Empire finishes its goal of conquest and enslaves the former Dwarven Colonists
  • The Shuul Federation is formed in the aftermath of the war with Crysta becoming the capital
  • 4E3: The first Dwarven uprising causes much bloodshed for three years before being defeated
  • 4E60: A madman from the Shuul Federation somehow survived the treacherous ocean and made the first contact between the Shuul and the Rhune

Era 5:

  • 5E1: The steam engine is invented by Montentum Dwarves and begins the era
  • 5E5: 2nd Dwarven uprising in the Rhune Empire, quick loss for the Dwarves
  • 5E20: Steam Golden Age begins
  • 5E25: 3rd Dwarven uprising ends in horrible defeat of the slaves, Rhune empire kills off half of the Dwarves
  • 5E32: The Shuul Federation begins an ambitious project to modernize its transportation system
  • 5E50: A necromancer/engineer in the Shuul Federation creates the first automaton from a bunch of dead corpses and some machinery (later versions loose the body parts)
  • 5E56: In cooperation with Dwarven engineers, the Shuul Federation build the first steam-powered airship named “Scarlet”
  • 5E80: Merchant city states along the western shore of Crystas begin The Aetherium Project
  • 5E111: The Aetherium Project is completed

Era 6:

  • 6E1: Aetherium dominates the global economy due to its prime location and being a large refueling station for airships
  • 6E6: present year
  • Rhune coal mines stop producing coal causing mass panic among Rhune officials (this was accidentally released by an official [he was later executed for this])


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